Plenary presentation at Aust Academy of Forensic Sciences (NSW)

I managed to record my recent presentation at the Australian Association for Forensic Sciences and have edited it into a short video for you. At 34 mins, it packs in a lot of new experimental results and case studies.

It was an ‘interesting’ way to spend Valentine’s Day 😉 but I think the audience found it entertaining and informative. It makes a good complement to the video of my 2017 presentation to the NJCA: that one goes into more legal aspects, while this one gives more scientific background, especially for those of you who are fascinated (as I am) by the workings of human speech perception.

The video is optimised to about 60 mB so it should play ok on most reasonable networks: the text and animations are viewable, if not totally crisp, and the audio is fine. Enjoy: and let me know what you think.

If you find this video interesting you like to follow up with the companion presentation to the Victoria Chapter of the AAFS, which looks at issues to do with ‘enhancing’ forensic audio.

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