HELEN PIC 2015 SMALLForensic Transcription Australia is created by Dr Helen Fraser, a former university lecturer now working as an independent researcher.

Dr Fraser is a specialist in cognitive and forensic phonetics (find some of her publications here).

She has been involved in forensic casework since 1993, when she was asked to provide an opinion in the matter of Barry Morris, a locally famous case in which a politician was convicted of leaving threatening telephone messages in a fake foreign accent.

Her experience in this case inspired her first experiment in forensic phonetics, intended to demonstrate that people’s ability to recognise voices is far lower than their confidence suggests, even when the voice is not disguised.

Cartoon about barry morris case from sydney morning herald 13 april 1994
Cartoon about Barry Morris case from Sydney Morning Herald 13 April 1994

Since then, she has continued researching, publishing and presenting in several branches of forensic phonetics, notably transcription of poor quality forensic audio, along with occasional casework.

She also has an active theoretical and practical interest in other areas of cognitive phonetics, especially spoken communication between native and non-native speakers of English.

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