An interview for lawyers, via BenchTV

I was delighted recently to be interviewed by Corinne Deall of A R Conolly and Co, Lawyers, and even more delighted to have the interview released as part of the criminal law section or BenchTV (an online publication of Benchmark Inc).

BenchTV is a fabulous series of training videos designed to assist law students and practising lawyers keep up to speed with rapidly developing areas of criminal law.

They have generously allowed me to make the video available for free via my website. Please find it below (36min; 100mB). As always, comments and questions are welcome via the contact tab.

Please note: Unless you are a lawyer or law student, you are probably better off watching one of the other videos, at least in the first instance. If you are a lawyer, and you enjoy this interview, find heaps of other presentations, of many different kinds, via the talks tag.

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