Enhancing indistinct forensic audio – how effective is it?

‘The Conversation’: A 1974 thriller in which enhancing an indistinct covert recording plays a key role. See wikipedia.

On 16 May 2018, I gave a presentation at the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Academy of Forensic Science. I was honoured to be introduced by Justice John Champion, formerly Director of Public Prosecutions in Victoria, recently appointed as a judge in the Victoria Supreme Court, and Chairman of AAFS Victoria.>>   Read the rest now

IAFL keynote speech by Helen Fraser

This is the video (53 minutes) of the keynote speech I gave on 4 July at the IAFL conference in Melbourne.

It is intended for a forensic linguistics audience, and, as mentioned in the first minute, it goes rapidly through some established background about forensic transcription and translation, in order to bring together some key points for discussion about what is needed in order to ensure reliable transcription and translation of forensic audio used as evidence in court. If you are not in the target audience, you are of course welcome to new this video, but you might find one of the other videos or readings available on this site gives you a better introduction.>>   Read the rest now