SST tutorial

As preparation for the Hub tutorial it would be great if you would have a go at transcribing the below audio. You may have heard part of it before as it is a famous piece of forensic audio – but we are actually interested in a part other than the famous section for our discussion in this tutorial. If you have not heard it before that is fine too – we will give all needed background in the tutorial.

It is a one-minute recording of a real emergency call reporting a real murder, so be warned it is potentially distressing – make sure you are in the right frame of mind to undertake the task.

Ideally you could transcribe the whole thing but if you are pressed for time, the part we are especially interested in is 34-42sec.

Please do your transcript independently before conferring with others – and if you change your mind, keep a copy of your first version!

Most of the speech is quite clear and we only need an orthographic transcript – but if you notice anything you would want to comment on please take a note and we can discuss as appropriate.


Finally: do consider making contact before the tutorial – we’d love to hear from you, especially if you have questions or suggestions, but also just to say hi – and it would help give us an idea what kind of audience to expect.

You can either use the contact form on this site, or message Debbie on twitter: @debbie_dloa.

Either way – look back here before the tutorial as we might put up one or two other things for you to look over in advance (optional but fun).

But first – here’s the audio for your transcript. Key section 34-42sec.

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