Enhancing indistinct forensic audio – how effective is it?

‘The Conversation’: A 1974 thriller in which enhancing an indistinct covert recording plays a key role. See wikipedia.

On 16 May 2018, I gave a presentation at the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Academy of Forensic Science. I was honoured to be introduced by Justice John Champion, formerly Director of Public Prosecutions in Victoria, recently appointed as a judge in the Victoria Supreme Court, and Chairman of AAFS Victoria.

Helen Fraser receives a pen from Justice John Champion after the presentation about enhancing forensic audio

I am grateful to Dean Catoggio, General Manager of the National Institute of Forensic Science (ANZPAA NIFS), and Treasurer of AAFS Victoria, for the invitation to present.

I appreciated the excellent questions and comments from the eminent group of forensic scientists and lawyers in the audience – not to mention the dinner and discussion afterwards.

A video of my presentation is available below (48 mins; 60mB). Comments or questions are very welcome, as always, and particularly when I make controversial arguments, as I did here.

This presentation and the one I gave to the AAFS in Sydney on Valentines Day are two parts of one story. If you watch one, you should watch them both 🙂. Find all my talks under WATCH A MOVIE, in the top menu.

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