The problem in a nutshell

Best starting place – 23 minute overview

Below is a video of my nutshell overview (23min; 87MB) of the problems of forensic transcription presented in March 2017 to an audience including many notable and respected judges at the National Judicial College of Australia (details below).

I think the audience was impressed by the demonstrations – are you?

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Like the video? Want more? Choose from a range of subsequent presentations giving more detail and updated research.

Want more background?

This talk gives a nutshell overview of the problems addressed by this whole website. Of course to cram so much info into a short time, it glosses over many important points, some of which are covered in more detail in other parts of this site.

Prefer to read?

A short written paper covering similar material to the talk above, and giving references to background research and discussion papers is here. Or find this and other resources grouped together under [READ AN ARTICLE] in the top menu.

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Please contact me. I am always glad to discuss matters of forensic transcription.

Details of talk

I was fortunate to be asked to present this weekend (4 March 2017) to the NJCA conference Brave New Worlds: Challenges for Evidence in the 21st Century. It was a great opportunity to raise the problems of forensic transcription to an audience including many notable and well-respected judges – and of course an even better opportunity for me to continue my long and slow journey towards understanding of the legal perspective on issues to do with language and speech. Thanks very much to Mark Nolan, Karen Sloan and the rest of the organising committee, for a well-run and very stimulating weekend.

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